French & Paris Favors

Chanel Inspired Personalized Scratch off Game (Set of 12)
Personalized Bridal Shower Pump Candle
Chanel Inspired Personalized Candle
Eiffel Tower Metal Key Chain Favors
Chanel Inspired String of Pearls  Game (Set of 12)
Eiffel Tower Design Curio Box Favor
Eiffel Tower Design Mirror Compacts
Personalized Metallic Foil Mini Gable Boxes (set of 12)<br>Gold,Silver,Rose Gold
Personalized Metallic Foil Mini Mason Jars (Gold,Rose Gold,Silver)
Personalized Lip Balm
Personalized Champagne Bottle Plastic Fillable Bottle
Personalized Metallic Foil Small 4 oz Mason Jars<br>(Gold,Silver,Rose Gold)
Personalized Metallic Foil Candy Wrapper Covers(Gold,Silver,Rose Gold
Personalized Glass Jar