Stickers, Labels & Tags

Vintage Little Princess Personalized Water Bottle Labels (Caucasian or African American)
Vintage Little Princess Baby Shower Advice Card (Caucasian or African American)
Crystal Baby Shower Favor Cards
Blocks Baby Design Favor Card <br>Pink, Blue or Green
Bear With Balloons Baby Favorcard
Baby Duck Favor Card
Pink with Heart Baby Oval Label
Green oval label
Pink, Blue or Green Blocks Square Label (set of 20)
Contemporary Pink Blocks Baby Shower Square Label<br>Set of 20<br>
Blue with Heart Baby Oval Label
Teddy Bear Round Label (set of 24)
Baby Pooh or Classic Pooh & Friends Square Label (Set of 20)
 Vintage Little  Princess Square Label Caucasian or African American   (Set of 20)
Baby Pooh & Friends Thank You Card
Personalized Vintage Peter Rabbit Square Label (Set of 20)
Personalized Vintage Little Prince Square Label (Caucasian or African American) (Set of 20)
Yellow Ducky Round Labels (set of 24)