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Now, if you're wondering how we became “Favors by Serendipity ™”: I started in business in 1975 making handcrafted items for Boutiques in Southern California. After doing that for about 14 years, always having to come up with new ideas and designs, I went in a different direction. A friend had just returned from Hawaii and was very impressed with the Seashell jewelry and accessories she saw there. I thought that would be an interesting diversion from what I was making and designed shoe clips, barrettes, jewelry and tee shirts using natural shells. Again, it was successful and was sold on both the East Coast and the West Coast and Florida.
Always wanting to challenge my creativity, and getting bored with making the same things over and over again, I designed a new line of embellished tee shirts and sold them for four years in a store on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. Just about the time the store was going through some renovations and closed for a while, I decided it was time for something new and different.
While at a Craft Supply Convention I came upon a company that was selling supplies for Wedding and Party Favors.  After seeing what they had to offer, I decided: why not offer something beautiful and unique to Brides rather than the same old candy wrapped in tulle? Something elegant for the about the same price as candy would be. I got very excited at the idea of making beautiful hand made items to be used for gifts, and the prospect of designing something new and different for each event was very appealing. My trip to that Convention proved to be very “serendipitous” for us, thus the name “Serendipity”.

During the early days we have had many challenges coming up with creative ideas for Brides looking for something to suit their theme. One outstanding example comes to mind. We were doing a Bridal Convention and a Bride came to our booth and asked if we did anything with handcuffs. After my look of surprise, she explained that she and her groom were Federal Agents and almost all of their guests would be either Federal Agents or Police Officers. They had been searching for a year for something to tie in with their theme. I knew I could meet the challenge and assured her I would come up with something in their theme that wouldn't be tacky. I found a lovely fabric covered picture frame that opened like a book and had a place for wallet sized photos on each side of the inside of the frame. I also found toy badges. I attached the badge to the outside front of the frame, and in the insert where the photos would go, I did a graphic of a pair of handcuffs and put their names and marriage date within each cuff. She was thrilled with the finished product. It usually causes quite a reaction by the brides who see it and I always have to explain it, but it always brings a smile to our face.

Another time we received a call from an event Coordinator who had a Bride who was Chinese and her Groom was Japanese. They wanted to tie in the differences in their culture with their gifts. After speaking to the Bride I discovered that there were sweets that were especially associated with each culture. She offered to supply us with the sweets, which we put into a box, designed a “recipe card” item card, and we created a poem explaining the joining of the two cultures represented by the sweets. Once more, we met the challenge.

After a few years of offering hand made items, which set us apart from other retailers, we expanded our line to include picture frames, crystal, silver, candles, etc. with the idea that the gift would be a lovely remembrance gift for the guests. When we started our line, we were the only company that was offering picture frames for place settings.

We are often told how much the Brides like the name of our company, and find ourselves explaining what the word Serendipity means. We hope you will agree that finding us either in your Bridal Magazine or on our Web site will prove to be serendipitous for you.
Eileen Langdon - Founder of Favors by Serendipity ™


2000 Update:
I was greatly honored when InStyle magazine called me after viewing our website and invited me to submit samples for review to be used in an article on favors in an upcoming special wedding magazine in January, 2001 . When we got the call from them that they chose a favor that I had designed I can't even express how thrilled I was. From the moment the magazine hit the stands our phones began ringing off the hook and we sold over 25,000 personalized pear candles within a few months.

August 2001 Update:
InStyle magazine took our "Perfect Pair" onto the Today show. Our company continues it's steady growth, so much so that we recently acquired expanded warehouse facilities in the hills of San Clemente, California.

January 2002 Update:
InStyle has again chosen one of our favors to be featured in their Wedding 2002 issue, our Plantable Daisy Seed Pods. Again, we felt very honored and they have become one of our most popular favors.

January 2003 Update:
Our faux diamond engagement rings were used in a bridal shower for Toni Braxton and were featured in InStyle Celebrity Weddings magazine. InStyle took them to the Today Show and we were featured there once more.

August 2003 Update:
Our chrome luggage tag/place card holder has been chosen for the Today Show Wedding. Viewers will vote for which favor they want for the couple.

To date this year, 2003, we have been featured in Modern Bride, Bride's and Bridal Guide. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ideas and creative favors for our brides and special occasions.

2004 update:
Our biggest year ever. Known for our excellent customer service, our customers return to us again and again and recommend us to their friends and family. We appreciate our returning customers and look forward to adding many more "happy clients" in 2005.

Our large "Perfect Pair" pear candle won lst place in a table setting designed by Kathy Azarcon of the National Association Catering Executives.

We have reached a milestone, our 10th Anniversary. It is our pleasure to be helping brides around the world make a BIG IMPACT with small touches, our beautiful favors.

July 2005:
Our Bridal Dress Sachet was requested by InStyle Magazine for the gift bags given at a cocktail party attended by celebrities. Kelly Ripa, Kim Cattrall, Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley and Marisa Tomei are among the invited guests.

January 2006:
Our "Perfect Pair" candle is still going strong! We were honored when Bride's Magazine used the Pear Candle in a full page featured article on wedding favors. Our Plantable Daisy Pods were featured as well.

September 2006:
Debbi Fields, of Mrs. Fields cookies, was delighted with our Faux Diamond Engagement Rings and Faux Diamond Napkin Rings which she used for her "Breakfast At Tiffany" themed party.

March 2008:
Eileen appears on KDOC-TV and discusses a number of her favors.

March 2009:
The Kentucky Derby had an event called "Derby Decades - Simply Chic" where they used our Chocolate Lollidolls

April 2009:
Our "Perfect Pair" candle was featured in the Spring 09 issue of InStyle Magazine at the celebrity wedding of  Marisa Coughlan & Stephen Wallack. Simply Natural Events, who was the event planner for the wedding, used our pear candles on the reception tables. Click here to learn more.

October 2010:
Since I'm an avid cruiser, I designed our Cruise Luggage Tag Holder to protect the printed paper luggage tags that many of the cruise lines are now using. As of July 2011, we have sold more than 15,000 of them!

July 2011:
Encouraged by the success of our Cruise Luggage Tag Holders, I designed another new product to address the shortcomings of miniscule cruise ship showers, our Cruise Shower Caddy
It is already getting rave reviews. Check out this blog post on The Cruise Diva Blog

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