Baby Shower Favors from Favors by Serendipity

Personalized Metallic Foil Small 4 oz Baby Mason Jars in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver
Personalized Metallic Foil Candy Baby Wrapper Covers in Rose Gold or Silver
Personalized Tiara Design Metallic Foil Candy Wrapper Covers in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver
Personalized Classic Pooh or Baby Pooh and friends Laminated Bookmark
Personalized Peter Rabbit Laminated Bookmark (3 Designs)
Personalized Little Peanut Baby Elephant Laminated Bookmarks (3 Colors)
Vintage Little Princess Personalized Bookmark (Caucasian/African American)
Personalized Vintage Little Prince Laminated Bookmark (Caucasian or African American)
Personalized Baby Cocoa Mix (28 designs)
Personalized Baby Margarita Mix (28 designs)
Personalized Baby Sangria Mix (28 designs)
Personalized Cinderella Metallic Foil Water Bottle Labels in Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver
(Set of 15) Blue Bottles with Baby Pooh or Classic Pooh & Friends