Wedding Toast: Keep it Simple

The person who will give the Wedding Toast is usually selected before the reception and agreed upon by the bride and groom. Impromptu toasts can be hilarious but are not always in good taste and can even bring a blush to the couples face. If you are the person chosen to give the official toast, handling the situation with dignity is always the best approach.

To avoid mishaps or embarrassment to yourself and the couple, it is a good idea to take a couple of minutes and handwrite your small speech on paper. It is always better to have something prepared rather than try to “wing it” at such an important occasion.  You may count on your memory but it’s best to keep the written speech somewhere close like right on the table tucked under your wedding favor or plate so that you will not have to fumble through your jacket pockets to find it. Many people blank out when they are facing an audience, or simply forget. Nothing could be worse than saying something unexpected or private before a crowd of guests. Good taste, wisdom and a genuine, thoughtful toast will be long remembered after the robust snickering has died down.

Start by telling guests your name and your relationship to the couple. A small vignette about each of them would be appropriate. Whether recent or from long ago, guests always love to hear about the on goings in the life of the couple. Always try to include how the couple met in your toast along with some fresh information or observation to delight the couple and please the guests.

Lastly, be sure to end your toast with heart felt well wishes for the couple and some thought out feelings that come directly from your heart. This speech will always be remembered by guests and couple alike so it is important that you do it well.