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Cruise Travel: An Updated Paper Luggage Tag Solution
As we reported on some time ago, while most passengers have no complaint about printing e-documents for their cruise, luggage tags printed on paper are a cause for concern. Frequent cruiser George Hall said, "Someone will have to explain to me how these paper tags stay on through the process." Cruise Diva has had occasion to print out and use the paper tags and offered suggestions for how to keep them securely in place.

But now, I've discovered an even better method of attaching those fragile paper luggage tags without "laminating" them with clear packing tape. Favors by Serendipity has come up with an ingenious Cruise Luggage Tag Holder for those printed luggage tags.

We love that cruise lines are going green and we love these luggage tag holders because they are reusable.

Not only are they useful, they won't fall apart in transit. The grommet at the top makes them even sturdier and longer lasting. Designed to accommodate 8.5" x 11" folded paper, just print your tags, fold them according to the instructions, put them in the holders, attach to your luggage handles, and relax. You're set for worry-free luggage transfer from pierside to your cabin.

*Favors by Serendipity has been in business since 1975 creating everything from handcrafted items to wedding.

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Thanks for the info on these. I ordered them last week and received them already. They are really nice and great for frequent cruisers. We leave in 19 days and printed my luggage tags, inserted them into the vinyl sleeve and I'm ready to go!! I did the staple and tape method also, it worked well, but being a little OCD, these are much nicer looking.

To all interested, I just found a nifty travel item for our cruise. Princess has now gone to paper (you print it yourself) luggage tags. I did a Princess cruise recently and used these for the first time. One tore off during ship loading, but fortunately my steward located the bag for me. Now I have found these plastic paper luggage tag holders that enable you to slip the printed tag inside so it doesn't get munched.

One quick tip: Princess now requires you to print your luggage tags for the ship. I have had problems with tags coming off during loading. But I found these neat vinyl tag holders specifically designed for cruise luggage tags. I will be trying them out in Jan

I bought them, and I am really pleased.

The company that sells them is very nice to deal with and, the delivery time was very short.

I ordered these three days ago and I just got the luggage tag holders in the mail today. (WOW!) They are terrific. This will save me a lot of time in the future. They are ABSOLUTELY reusable!! I was very pleased. oh, happy, happy, joy, joy!!

We got the luggage tags yesterday and they are worth the money. They are totally reusable. I have put the tags in them and they look great. Now we don't have to worry about bringing a stapler with us. THANK YOU for those awesome luggage tags. We ordered 'em Sunday evening, and they're here today (Wed) - at normal non-rush postal rates. We LOVE 'em! Terrific find

I got mine this past Thursday and I must tell you the delivery was quick and the "holders" are great. Imagine a company that really "gets it", they wanted to know when my cruise was [Nov.27th] so that they could ship them to me in plenty of time!;) They're made really well. How nice to really get what you pay for. I put my cruise luggage tags in them and I'll NEVER have to laminate again!!

The luggage tags I ordered arrived. They're a great quality. Now we just have to wait till we can use them in January!

I had them shipped to my hotel in FLL Priority Post (2 days). I ordered 10 of them - they are very sturdy and very worth it. You can just print out your tags on regular paper and slip into the plastic holder - and voilĂ !! No duct tape or staples!

Just got a dozen of these, a few for us and the rest as gifts for our cruising friends. The quality is very good and they should hold up for many trips.

*Definitely use this: Just wanted to let you all know that I used these tag holders on my cruise this past week. I put the plastic tag on our suitcases in Chicago and kept them on the whole time and all the way back to Chicago. I liked having the tag as it was a good way to identify our luggage. They are still perfect - you can bend them and pull on them and no problems. I plan to use them for all air travel even when not cruising because you can print out your itinerary and fold it into the tag holder.