Itinerary Luggage Tag (Cruise and Air Travel)

ID: 2129
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Help your luggage get to the next destination by having your itinerary printed discretely on the inside of our sturdy, vinyl luggage tag.

On the front of the luggage tag are instructions to the baggage handlers to open the document in the event your luggage gets misplaced. Whether you're cruising or flying, having the date and flight number of each destination, or the name of your ship, etc. will enable the airlines to get your luggage to you while traveling instead of sending it back to your home.

Our luggage tag holder thus serves a dual purpose. Use the Itinerary document inside when flying, and replace with your paper luggage tags if you are cruising.

Simple folding and printing instructions are printed on the document to make it easy for you to fill in the pertinent information such as your flights, hotels, cruise destinations, etc. We recommend you include a cell phone number where you can be reached while traveling.
$2.95 for 1-4
$2.50 for 5 or more
(as low as $2.50 each)