Labor Day Pamper Pack (ID: 3563)

Labor Day Pamper Pack
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Give a gift to your favorite new Mom, a gift of total relaxation!

The Pamper Pack includes:

Canvas neon tote bag (8.75" x 2.75" x 8.25" in assorted colors)

Soothing Gel Eye Mask: Soothe the muscles around the eyes and ease puffiness with cool gel pack in assorted colors. Complete instructions on packaging.

Relaxation Body Lotion - The wonderful fragrance and silky feeling will soften the skin and refresh the senses.

Pamper Pack Lip Balm - Lips get awfully dry during labor, but this highly emollient lip balm contains beeswax for moistening and softening.

Smiley Face Contraction Ball - Dad will appreciate this item which is perfect for contractions. Mom can just squeeze the soft foam ball instead of Dad's hand, and this ball just keeps on smiling! Ball can also be used to massage the small of the back.

Preggie Pops - An absolute necessity during labor. These delicious lollipops were nurse created for laboring mothers. Although food and drinks are not allowed, Mom can suck on a lollipop to help with dry mouth, and these suckers contain all natural ingredients to help alleviate nausea and give a burst of energy. Plus, they taste great in 7 different yummy flavors including sour raspberry, lemon and tangerine. What a treat!

New Mom & New Dad Buttons - Attach these buttons in the Recovery Room - You'll deserve them! They say "I'm a (tired) New Dad!" and "I'm a (tired) New Mom!". They are for Mom & Dad to wear (for up to 18 years) after baby is born.

Don't forget to include some soothing music from Mom's favorite group, and you may want to add some extras like playing cards, fragrant room spray, a spritzer bottle of water and some treats for Dad.