"It's Tea Time!" Teapot Tape Measure

ID: 3944
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A tea party is a sophisticated and posh affair filled with porcelain teapots, oversized hats, and bite size sandwiches. It wouldn't be complete without these key "ingredients".

This ideal little teapot makes a stylish favor that will complete the look. Ladies will be pleasantly surprised to receive this truly fitting find, a miniature little white teapot that's more than just a keychain.

Gals can hook them onto their keys or slip them into a purse and when they need to...they can measure up some fun!

Comes fashionably packaged with a white satin bow in a clear box and labeled with "It's Tea Time".

The retractable tape measures feature a semi-rigid tape with grasping hook at the end, perfect to measure small distances.

$2.10 for 15-23
$1.88 for 24-47
$1.76 for 48-95
$1.64 for 96 or more
(as low as $1.64 each)

Size of tape measure: 2"
Tape measure length: 36"-39"/1m.

Must order a miminum of 15