Design Your Own Collection Travel Manicure Sets

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Our "Design your own" Collection Travel Manicure set is a cut above the rest!

Let your personality shine through with our exclusive Online Design Feature. You can create a design that's incredibly unique. Select from our vast array of colors, designs, themes, fonts, and patterns. These beauties are perfect for any occasion you'e planning! Not only will you be giving your guests a beautiful, one of a kind favor, but you'll also be gifting an exceptionally useful staple for everyone's purse.


  • Each favor measures 3.75" x 2". Sticker size is 3.35" X 1.5"
  • Travel manicure set includes four all-metal tools, including a cuticle pusher, tweezers, nail scissors and nail clipper
  • Set is conveniently contained in a clear hard molded plastic box with hinged opening - great to have with you in your suitcase or purse
  • Box is perfectly sized for a personalized label with designs/themes for all occasions including weddings, showers and more
  • Choose from an exceptional selection of color combinations, border styles, titles and type styles for your customized labels
  • Preview your unique label online as you design it - so you'll be sure it's exactly what you want
  • Personalized pre-cut label sheets come ready for easy application on the top of the kit
  • Packed in a poly bag
  • Please allow 2-3 days for processing
$1.39 for 28-47
$1.29 for 48-71
$1.19 for 72 or more
(as low as $1.19 each)
3.75" x 2". Sticker size is 3.35" X 1.5"

Must order a miminum of 28

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