Wedding Coordinators: Plan Around the World

“I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride”.

We all know these words. They are the words that most young girls dream of. They imagine those words surrounded by the perfect atmosphere in the most romantic parts of the world. And why not? They imagine the wind blowing through their hair, as the sun sets over the horizon. In one direction all you can see is the vast beautiful ocean, and in the other nothing but tropical trees and island settings.

Many bridal coordinators recognize this and have worked to discover the key to planning weddings overseas. This is why it is important to find a coordinator that has done their research, and has a variety of locations and options when it comes to price.

Even with a coordinator there is still a lot that goes into a wedding. It is still up to the couple to decide what they want. Once this is communicated to the bridal coordinator they are in charge of making it happen. The coordinator is also there to let the couple know what is not a feasible idea. If the wedding is in the tropics and the flowers chosen do not do good in the heat, then the coordinator must make this known. They are also responsible for researching all the legalities and necessary paperwork for your destination.

Wedding favors are another thing that the couple must decide on, and so long as it is not organic, or illegal in that country there should be no problem. Either way the coordinator should be able to tell you what is and is not.

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