Wedding Day Attire: Feel as Good as You Look

In being one of the biggest days of your life, you obviously want to look your best.  With wedding attire there are many things to consider, as you will also have to mesh with everyone else’s attire that is in the wedding.

The groom doesn’t want to wear a tuxedo with color that will clash with the floral arrangements, and the bride doesn’t want to wear shoes that will be uncomfortable.  There are numerous factors to take into consideration, and this information is designed to help with your wedding preparation.

Here are some great wedding attire / beauty tips:

Tuxedos:  Your wedding tuxedo can be any color you want, but only if it matches everything else.  Gray and white tux’s are a wedding-only attire color.  A black tux can be used for a number of different ideas.  To be on the safe side, stay away from colors when it comes to your tux, black and white will suit you just fine.  Flowers and other decorations will provide plenty of color on their own.

Pearls:  For accompanying your gorgeous wedding attire, pearls make a great addition.  As pearls vary in their shades of white, make sure that they match the shade of white of the wedding dress.  As for bride’s maids, if you cannot find a suiting color of pearls to match the color of their dresses, pearls are versatile because they can be dyed to match almost anything.

Wedding Shoes:  Shoes for the bride and bride’s maid must be more than attractive.  You must also take comfort into consideration, as standing will occur for extended periods of time.  In the case that bride and bride’s maids will be wearing floor-length dresses, remember that the shoes will not be the center of attention.  Therefore you can go with some wedding shoes that are of a neutral shade, and not worry so much about finding an exact match.

Less expensive bridal gown:  If your wedding is on a tight budget and you would like to save some money on your wedding dress, there are a few things you can do.  If the wedding is informal then the bride could go with a less expensive bride’s maid type of dress.  Also, you may find a certain dress that you are fond of that is out of your price range.  Remember, it never hurts to ask to see if the dress can be made in a less expensive fabric.

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With the proper information you can become sufficiently prepared for whatever the wedding process will have to throw your way.  You can make the whole experience more pleasurable by becoming more properly prepared.