Bridal Shower Favors: A Heartfelt Way to Say Thanks

Legend has it that the custom of bridal showers began in Holland when a young lady decided to marry a very poor but kind young man. In an effort to dissuade her, her father threatened not to give her a dowry. She followed her heart and went ahead with her planned marriage. Her kind neighbors got together and held an event to “shower” her with gifts so the young would have the necessities for their new life together.

Today’s bridal showers can be small or extravagant events depending on the life-style of the bride-to-be. Some brides will choose to host their bridal shower themselves while others will have the benefit of a “surprise bridal shower.”

Regardless of the type of shower, you will want to thank guests for attending and for their generous gifts by giving them bridal shower favors. It is most proper way to say thank-you and will always be remembered.

If the shower is a surprise for the bride-to-be, the responsibility for supplying favors usually falls on the friends or family who are throwing the shower.
These small gifts are fun to give and to receive. They don’t have to be expensive or large. Most importantly, they need to be given from the heart and they should be meaningful. A little imagination when selecting favors can go a long way. Beautiful small picture frames or useful chrome bottle stoppers make great affordable bridal shower favors. There is nothing better than giving a gift that you know your guests can enjoy and use for years to come.

Hand-crafted items are special if you have a talent you can tap into.  If it is a seasonal wedding, say in December, fudge or hand-made candy make a great gift. You can even tuck a pretty recipe card into the box so your guests can make the recipe at home. Easy to make crocheted pot-holders or machine embroidered white linen tea towels are always a useful and welcome gift.

Remember, sending your guests home with lovely bridal shower favors is as important and should be as sincere as sending out thank-you notes.