Selecting Great Groomsmen Gifts

With all the preparations and expenses involved in planning a wedding, it can be easy to postpone buying groomsmen gifts until the last minute.  But it’s important to put some thought into these gifts and let your groomsmen know that you value their participation in your wedding day.

When shopping for groomsmen gifts, a good rule of thumb is to choose something they will use.  Classic gifts such as flasks, money clips, men’s jewelry boxes, and watch winders never go out of style. Something that can be enjoyed after your wedding day is always a good choice. 

If you’re looking for something a bit original, here are a few ideas to help you select gifts that will be a big hit.

1.  Think hobbies and sports.

If all of your groomsmen share a common hobby or sport, then choosing a gift becomes a breeze.  For example, what golfer wouldn’t love a great golf-themed gift and what hockey fan wouldn’t love a great item emblazoned with their favorite team logo?  Be a little original here and have some fun instead of going the traditional route.

2.  Gadgets are great.

What guy doesn’t love a gadget?  Have you ever received a gadget that you thought you’d never use, but actually became indispensable?  It’s so true, they can be very useful indeed.  And then there’s the coolness factor that people just love.  If you go this route, think about engraving to add a personal touch to a high tech gift.

3.  Gourmet food is a winner.

From cigars to wine to a fabulous steak dinner, food is always a favorite to give and receive.  There is almost no end to the delicious possibilities to be found regardless of the budget you’re working with.  For an extra special idea, purchase an accessory to accompany the gourmet item.  A handsome humidor filled with a few choice cigars makes a real statement and a memorable gift.  Also, gourmet clubs, such as “Wine of the Month” or “Cigar of the Month”, exist for almost any type of food or beverage you could want.  Just remember, everyone loves food!

Start with these ideas and be creative in buying gifts that your groomsmen will appreciate and enjoy.